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What is Fitlife Foods?
We are a driven, bold and fearless pack of folks crazy for everything in life that is amazing and awesome. We love creating powerfully good, fresh, made-from-scratch, deliciously prepared meals to power our customers to perform at their best. We do it with 39 original sauces and 13 different spice blends to give our 60 different items holy #!$%@ flavor. We’re all about doing it without the hassles. No cook time. No clean up. Just 100% all-natural awesomeness to help you be the very best version of yourself.


How does delivery work?
It’s easy. You just enter your delivery address, choose your package, select your meals, choose your delivery options, and place your order online. Whatever you do though, don’t forget to enter any gate codes/access instructions/suite numbers/ floor numbers so we don’t get locked out. This applies to businesses too. We’d hate for your food not to get to you.


When do you deliver?
Deliveries go down on a Sunday, Monday or a Tuesday for Florida deliveries and Sunday or Tuesday for Georgia. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time, but we will have it to you by 5 p.m., if not, we will notify you. Our forkin’ awesome delivery drivers bring your food in a super cozy, insulated cooler bag with medical grade ice packs.


What are the cutoff dates and times for ordering/making changes to my order?
The cutoff times for each order will be Tuesday at 11:59 p.m for the following week’s orders.  We’re pretty punctual around here so no changes/refunds will be permitted after this time, since the order will be sent for production at our culinary center.


Where do you deliver?
We are currently delivering in areas throughout Florida and Georgia. You can see if we deliver to your area by simply entering your address on our main page.


Why don’t you deliver to my area?
Trust us, we want to. Anything to make it easier for our customers to be awesome. But before we do that, we want to be sure it works its very best. Keep an eye out as we continue to expand both with stores and delivery!


Do I need to be home to receive my meals?
Nope. Fitlife makes it super easy for you so your meals are delivered. We do ask that as soon as you receive your cooler bag, you put it in the fridge as soon as possible. If we can’t get into an area to deliver, it will be brought back to the closest store to you for pickup. And no, we won’t hop any walls so don’t ask!


How much does delivery cost?
Our package prices start at $88.99 for our 6 pack small meal option. Sign up for our weekly option to save 10% off of your weekly delivery.
*Delivery and the cooler bag is all included in the price of the package*


What do I do with my cooler bag?
Well, you own it so you can do whatever you please. But to receive food after your initial order please make sure you leave your empty cooler bag and ice packs outside of your door before receiving your next delivery. That way our drivers can pick up the bag and replace it with a fresh one with new, awesome food and cold ice packs.


My cooler bag is broken, what do I do?
We can replace that for you at any of our store locations. Please visit our Locations page to find your nearest Fitlife Foods store.


When are my meals prepared?
Our meals are prepared fresh 1 day before they arrive on your doorstep. We do this to ensure maximum freshness.


Can I just order one delivery of meals and nothing more?
Sure thing. You will be given the option to have a one-time purchase when you checkout.  We will say that if you stick with subscription, you will save an extra 10%. You do have the option to pause/delay future shipments.


When will my card be charged and how does payment work?
Your card will be charged immediately following your transaction. Subscribers, your card will be charged on Wednesdays once your order renews for your next forkin’ awesome delivery! Sorry, we don’t accept I.O.U’s.

Member meal accounts and gift cards don’t apply for delivery and there are no in store discount options available online. Also, Recycle Rewards can only be redeemed in-store at this time.

We accept American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.


What if I want to stop service, what do I do with my cooler bag?
The cooler bag is all yours. You paid for it, after all.  We do not accept returns for unwanted cooler bags.


What if I want to restart service after a break?
We’ll be super stoked to see you again. If you want to restart, all you have to do is place an order of course and leave your previous cooler bag and ice packs outside the door on the day of your delivery.


What if I didn’t like my meal or have a concern with a dish?
We want you to be happy as much as we want our food to power you to be your best. So if you aren’t satisfied, you can call or go to your nearest store and we’ll take care of the meal for you!


What if my meal is unavailable after I ordered it?
While this doesn’t happen often, sometimes our culinary center is unable to produce a meal for a variety of reasons.  Should this happen, we want to make sure you are taken care of.  On the day of your delivery, a team member will give you a call to see which meal you would like in place of the unavailable meal.  If we cannot reach you by the time of your delivery, we will do our best to choose a similar dish as a replacement.


My food wasn’t delivered!
What?! Please call your nearest store location to find out why.
As mentioned in the terms & conditions, if we are unable to deliver, the cooler bag will be returned to the closest store to you. Which means you’ll have to pick it up. But at least we get to see each other again!


Where is your headquarters located?
Tampa, Florida


Where can I find the nutritional information for your meals?
All that good stuff that powers you to be awesome is listed when you hover over each item. It’s also listed on each meal container.


Where can I find the ingredient information for your meals?
All the general ingredient information will be on the bottom of each meal container. Make sure the lid is on before you turn it over to look at it. You can also find a full Fitlife Foods Nutritional Guide by clicking here.


What is the shelf life on your meal items, how do I know when I cannot eat them any longer?
Our food has a shelf life of 4-6 days depending on the item. We’re all about natural, wholesome ingredients so our food has no preservatives or additives to preserve them past that date.


Can I freeze my meals?
We don’t recommend freezing them because this takes away from the freshness of our meals and will take away the gourmet taste as well.


How do I cook my meals?
Just follow the reheating instructions on the container. It will tell you exactly how long to put them in the microwave. Simply take the lid off, place it loosely on the top of the container, heat for the designated amount of time and try not to drool!


Can I heat my meals in the oven?
You can but we don’t recommend it. If you prefer to do this, please make sure to take the food out of the plastic container, put in an oven safe dish and heat until that handy dandy specific temperature on the container is reached.


Do you use all organic ingredients?
We use organic when necessary and local as much as possible.


Are your meals free of GMO’s?
We focus on the cleanest supply chain of ingredients that are free of hormones and additives. The quality and integrity of each one of our products is of the utmost importance to us. We’re so obsessed with it that we research every ingredient, visit local farms and suppliers before deciding to purchase these items for our recipes. And the quality of suppliers from a food safety standpoint is also super important to us.


Where do you source your ingredients?
We source our ingredients from local suppliers so we can have control of our quality. We buy local when the season is right, and we choose Organic when it’s available and for products that are overly processed. Want some names? We use Bob’s Red Mill Oats, Eden Organic Beans, Muir Glen canned tomatoes, Organic Tortilla Chips, to name just a few. What’s so great is that each day more and more companies are producing non-GMO ingredients so we can take advantage of these. And here’s the great part, it allows to offer our food to you at an affordable price.


Do you have store locations?
We currently have locations throughout Florida. Please visit our Locations page to see where we are currently located.

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